Wintergerst assists Etiket Schiller during its sale to the Optimum Group

The Optimum Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, takes over Etiket Schiller GmbH from Plüderhausen. The entire share deal was accompanied by Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung within the framework of a limited bidding process.

Etiket Schiller GmbH is a leading specialist in the production of labels, booklets and stickers and is based in Plüderhausen. The company will join the Optimum Group platform effective 1 January 2022. The current management and location of Etiket Schiller will be retained in the organization.

Optimum Group is the leading Northern European label printing group with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany with 17 member companies. Optimum Group is backed by IK Partners, a European private equity advisory group.

With the integration of Etiket Schiller in the Optimum Group it will be possible to further enhance the competitiveness of the group and add to its growth momentum. In addition, the Optimum Group will significantly expand its footprint in Germany and strengthen its position as a leading player in the field of labels and flexible packaging solutions. As part of the Optimum Group, Etiket Schiller will be able to better serve their customers through increased capacity, a wider product range and greater supply reliability.

“Etiket Schiller has developed well in recent years in which we have achieved significant growth, based on a strong and dedicated team of employees and by investing in inhouse produced sustainable labeling solutions. Integration in the Optimum Group will allow us to become even more competitive. We are very thankful that the team from Wintergerst led us through the entire transaction process very professionally and trustingly,” said Gunther Schiller and Susanne Daiber, Managing Directors of Etiket Schiller.

“With the acquisition of Etiket Schiller, our German part of the group will be further strengthened by creative and technical capabilities that we did not already have.” Says Optimum Group Germany MD Andre Prophitius.

“We have managed to win a private equity-funded international group of companies as the new shareholder, which has recognized the opportunities afforded by Etiket Schiller as a portfolio company. Our many years of experience in M&A, operating at the interface between family-owned companies and private equity funds, has stood us in good stead”, confides Bernd Grupp, a partner at Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung.

“Etiket Schiller is an established and well-positioned firm. The exciting positioning in the field of sustainable labeling, the numerous synergies afforded by the group and its regional presence in southern Germany make the company attractive for the international investor, which is on a growth trajectory,” explains Adrian Bertsch, who managed the project for Wintergerst.


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